Ode to the Unknown

sailing down the swelling waves, going down the deepest oceans, my soul has set its course towards the callous heart, for it shall not forget its vendetta. My cold heart, you inspire me to write. How I hate the way you call, snort and sting, Invading my mind day and through the night, Always dreaming … More Ode to the Unknown


She hurries down the steps impatiently pushing an old couple. They were struck by anger and started cursing her mumbling in low voice. As she reached the room, she was almost gasping for breath and started to knock the door frantically. Once….twice…thrice….her impatience tripled up and she started banging the door with sweat forming beads … More THE HOLLOW HEART

understanding the behavioural patterns of crime

Every person branded as a criminal has a past which is directly or indirectly associated with some unwarranted incidents.Psycho analysis of criminal behavior says that lack of stress free environment has less role to play rather than damaged egos and immediate impulsivity, lack of empathy & inability to feel guilt .Basically every ideology followed by … More understanding the behavioural patterns of crime