“Time and tide wait for none” as quoted in English literature. The intertwined connections of events occurring in this micro processed era give us a crystal clear example for this. Perhaps, the number 2 has been resounding in and around india.2 girls ,2 hours ,2 issues ; this being a issue long discussed among social circles from many decades.

The demonic act of hanging from tree has been in practice from many years. It had been followed by the South Americans to punish their war prisoners from the civil war. They were stripped ,lynched and degraded of the minimal dignity of a mere human being. Subjugation and Submission of lower castes to the cynical claws of upper castes has been a story foretold by every politician to the people. Needless to say, we Indians have the knack to encourage such heinous crime in the disguise of helplessness. A similar such incident had occurred in our very own country, which is repeatedly magnified by the prized 4th estate, had drawn the uncanny attention of statutory political bodies all over the globe.

When questioned about the magnitude of crime and the relief beneficiaries that the victims would be receiving from the government , a person who is “showered praises by the people”, elected for the people, given power to yield a drop of sweat for the people had ironically passed a impalpable, derogatory, disembarked statement which is proclaimed by his supporters that “they were issued in a lighter vein”. It is really disheartening to see that politicians who are born in the land of ethical values and the land of spiritual solemnity , pass out pungent remarks which are more devastating than the crime itself. After all, this country claims to provide a Pandora’s box of opportunities to the people . But they have long forgotten the words of a domicile yet dominant person’s words who had fought till his death for our independence. Yes , Mahatma Gandhi had foreseen our future and remarked “ India, herself perceives Independence , when the mothers and sisters of our homeland walk freely and fearlessly on our land during night time”. Perhaps now it has been more worse .May be Gandhi had personally felt happy to have been shot dead rather than watching our women being tortured. It cannot be solved only by reprimanding the officials or increasing the police strength. It is the treacherous idea of caste system which has widened its roots in India,which should be curbed. Dominant castes are under the brink of imagination that it is their inherent gift to terrify terrorize and suppress the sub-sided castes. This unretardly conflict of violence and sadism is widely condemned by the activists of human rights all over the world. It is a shame that India is hogging the limelight in such a ashamed manner where we have to hung down our heads before the neighboring nations

Equally, two hours symbolize the burden of oppression and destruction of humanity. The helplessness of affected victims waiting for justice for lifetime and of a resigned belief that mere silence may bring their children back safely reflects our stature. This accolades to the horrifying systematic nature of caste based hierarchies, art of supremacy and subordination which remains a black blot in social relations of India.


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