terrorism : the world needs to stand united

In the international fraternity, there is no such yardstick for an act of violence termed as terrorism. Terrorism is widely defined into different violent acts. In a debriefed manner, they are being segregated into 2 basic parts,

Internal conflict
External attacks prudent in the name of religion
The common goal of terrorist groups is to penetrate the calamity of fear, imbalance amongst the nations they target. They are usually perpetrated to attack the communities of social, political and religious entities; however, the worst sufferers in the case of terrorist attacks are the neutral military personnel or civilians.

These groups are created by people known to be religiously fanatic and are obsessed to plagiarize the words of religious texts. The definition of this word “terrorism” has been controversial itself. Until a United Nations general report had described terrorism as an act of causing death or bodily harm to civilians, disturbing harmony between them. Sometimes political violence is an asymmetrical conflict which is designed to practice violent victimization and destruction of non-combatant targets that are usually iconic symbols.

Supreme nations like the US have occupied the un-conditional throne of world leaders and have been enjoying the whims and fancies of all accordance’s, as if they have been ascertained to be the “statue on the pedestal”. But in reality, they have been grilled into a cage instigating a devastating setback from an illicit clandestine organization claimed to be the “AL-QAEDA”.

The attacks over the WTC on September 9, 2011 have created havoc and initiated a civil disorder, collective disintegration of harmony and security of people. This dialogue on terrorism does not only cover the massacre of people by ruthless terrorists in a demonic way; it also compromises of political terrorism which brushes with a tinge of left-wing extremism. This area of violence refers to leaders making false promises in the disguise of rebellion, rebels, independence, freedom, revolution instigating the artwork of levitation in the case of capitalist systems.

The ugly act of terrorism has its roots back to an idea which centuries old. This has been the order of the day ironically. Disgruntled people with lack of mental stability and stuck in the mud of hopelessness resort to terrorism to exploit people’s weakness to fuel their needs. The saddening part in this case is many leaders have been using the name of god to propagate their agenda. Various factors have been installing enough fuel to pump up this act of myriad madness. They vary from separation of new states to domination of various ethnic groups and to opposition to the constitutional regulations. Now we have been adjudged that there are about three perspectives of terrorism– they are the terrorists, the victims and the public.

Terrorists do not believe that they are performing evil acts. In a rather fancy manner they counter attack that they are waging a legally combatant war for the rights of people who in actual sense do no support them. Terrorists are found to believe in a phrase “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” which is what they cling on to make the order of government crash down. Victims affected in the hands of terrorists take to heart that terrorist are evil with no regard to the circumstances which lead them to that extent. The worst view is of the public, which keeps swaying from time to time due to which terrorists try to encourage different psychological warfare in order to inculcate the aroma of sympathy towards them; however, these kinds of methods are being counter attacked by the government and security agencies in a rather satisfactory manner.

Today the world is facing one of the biggest catastrophes’ in the form of terrorism. All the countries affected by this ugly act have been signing treaties but the paper work has not even thwarted a single incident in recent times. It is time for the nations to stand united to fight against the biggest enemy and to educate people on the psychological warfare that is being deployed to reverberate the fear amongst generations to come.


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