when the light had fainted,

when the spirit got damped,

when the energy got paralyzed,

when the intensity got doused,

a beacon shimmers out,

breaking the shackles making a spout,

the claws rip apart the darkness,

whilst handling the solace over kindness,

together the world had suppressed the urge to shout,

so much anger never let out,

sometimes they ask me,

Have I always been this way,

it breaks my heart,

but its the truth i must say,

i haven’t always stood upon the perfect note,

but probably will always strike a chord towards the truthful point,

the darkness inside me had remained opaque,

no soul shall pass thee without making a blind hit,

no longer shall you hurt me,

no more pain will i feel,

this day will end my sorrows,

and break that holy seal,

my emotions shall flow with hatred,

and death you shall meet,

all through this day of reckoning,

i have realized that revenge with success is sweet.


One thought on “REVENGE

  1. Very nice poem… it has a rhyme scheme too, so why were u worrying? It’s awesome.
    Just had a question why u titled it revenge only, why not nothing else?


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