we are not alone, we are just worlds apart !

Before discussing anything the most famed imaginary beings, the extraterrestrial agents, I would like to convey my own ideas and thoughts over the origin of the universe, the evolution of life and conspiracy theories around aliens.

This universe had been formed due to the collision between two particles which have released enormous energy, commonly referred to as the big bang theory. When the subatomic particles began to cool down, the universe started to expand and it is still going on according to some scientists. But then few questions related to the concept of extraterrestrial organisms are to be studied further. The very composition of atomic subatomic particles and other chemical-physical components is said to be matter. When life had started to evolve on a planet like this, which had a suitable environment, why not others. From many years, we have been hearing sightings and clippings of ufo’s passing on the earth surface and aliens being sighted at different points. If possibly for a moment we suppose that aliens are true and their existence is approved by the world, then the next important questions that will rise are ”how did they find us”, “why do they want to communicate with us”.

Today when we talk about aliens, we are engrossed in another interesting topic about the parallel universe as supported by many renowned scientists. If arguably our universe has been rewarded with life by our very earth only, as stated by some, then aliens might have traveled some millions of light years to reach this universe. This hypothetical thesis is completely wrong and proof less as we can entertain Einstein’s relativity theory over here to state that, “it takes possibly infinite amount of energy for a massive object to travel at the speed of light”.  Assuming, that a rocket tries to travel to the nearest star possible to the earth, which turns out to be the Proxima Centauri. it takes 8.2 light years to go and come back which is practically impossible to make up without traveling at the speed of light. So it takes an enormous amount of energy to travel at such a fast pace. This could take up to a minimum of 30 to 40 years to make a comeback towards earth which will end some precious years on earth. Please note that all the rough calculations are based on the point that the travel is only up to the closest star to earth. Imagine the colossal and whooping size of the universe. So hypothetically there is no point of aliens receiving our RF signals and perceiving them. Even if they respond to that they would not travel all the way just to harm us, just reasoning a logical statement, though! So a parallel universe is a hypothetical world created by some people to make up the cause of aliens stronger. In real terms … we don’t know much, we are rather interested in aliens.

Now coming to the point of “why do they communicate us”, aliens are just another living organisms based on another species. Just like we are Homo sapiens they might be momo rapeins, (in a lighter vein, though!).So when we are able to question the thought of our solo existence in this universe, we are bound to have some interaction from other areas. In literal meaning, when we want to see the yonder side, the yonder side would also want to have a look over here and maybe if we consider the concept of aliens having the ultra powerful technology and their spaceships are made of stealth mode and other sci-fi add-ons, then they must be looking for a planet which is convenient of habitation and life enduring functionality. Another point about aliens is iconography. This is another highly underrated topic amongst people. Maybe due to the false stories and evidence they have been misled towards fear and hatred towards the extraterrestrial beings. But in my point of view I would like to say that some outside source had helped people of those ages to build such huge structures such as the Stone Henge and write such stuff, but their actual intention is buried deep under the archeological ruins covered by the falsehood of development and technology. We have strived forward in a higher position and maybe we are boasting about the advent of space technology and acquiring nuclear power, but we are still a dew drop in front of the herculean universe. When the day of encounter with aliens arrives, that shall be mankind’s birth in finding himself again.


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