we are not alone, we are just worlds apart !

Free flow thoughts

Before discussing anything the most famed imaginary beings, the extraterrestrial agents, I would like to convey my own ideas and thoughts over the origin of the universe, the evolution of life and conspiracy theories around aliens.

This universe had been formed due to the collision between two particles which have released enormous energy, commonly referred to as the big bang theory. When the subatomic particles began to cool down, the universe started to expand and it is still going on according to some scientists. But then few questions related to the concept of extraterrestrial organisms are to be studied further. The very composition of atomic subatomic particles and other chemical-physical components is said to be matter. When life had started to evolve on a planet like this, which had a suitable environment, why not others. From many years, we have been hearing sightings and clippings of ufo’s passing on the…

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