understanding the behavioural patterns of crime

Every person branded as a criminal has a past which is directly or indirectly associated with some unwarranted incidents.Psycho analysis of criminal behavior says that lack of stress free environment has less role to play rather than damaged egos and immediate impulsivity, lack of empathy & inability to feel guilt .Basically every ideology followed by criminals are vaguely characterised based on these opinions :

1. Stressful stimulus based on threat

2. Aggressive skills imbibed from social groups and shielding from provocative forces

3. Hypothetical misinterpretation that violence shall be socially recompensated with name and fame

4. An inappropriate value added system that condones violent acts within certain social contexts adhering to various eternal forces acting upon their own will

                               For a person who is treated as a criminal , he / she must have committed the mistake of breaking the law of land . In such case , there are many factors that come into picture while the latter commits the crime. There has to be some motive behind such crime such as behavioural aggression, revenge, lack of sufficient a reasoning capability . That motive is more than enough to establish the cause of action for the crime. Now if a person tries to restrict the freedom of another person , he is curbing the fundamental right of Athens yonder person. He is morally restricting the other persons thinking capacity by threatening him with unwanted aggression. Similarly many psychological ethical religious classical and rational forces are simultaneously acting to provide fuel for the fire. Now lies the entire problem of determining the authenticity and righteousness of e person . If the person has committed the crime and a valid reason had provoked him to dos so, then the respected authorities have to verify whether there is an evil motive established or not. Then on par with the judicial system he should be punished only until he can reform himself or he must be psychologically counselled. But even before taking care about all these different external and internal forces , a mere judgment based on materialistic evidences can cause alteration of moral reasons , which may lead to a swarm of convicts turning into rebels instigating a parallel government running just because they were deprived of their justice.

                           As said that a coin has two sides , here the judiciary and security systems have also drawn flak by just sitting idle at the receiving end as they have to abide by the government that is ruling. Sometimes the judiciary has to follow the complete procedural action to establish the true identity of the convict such that innocents are not punished and even longer in some cases to establish the intention for mens rea. Thereby in this process , justice might be delayed. This affects the psychic state of innocents that they have been punished for no reason and the true criminal is let free. This may lead to damage of weak egoistic persons which will mould itself into an intensified cruel animal which will not show any empathy towards the victim and no guilt towards the crime.

                          Behavioural patterns show that the imbalance in social environments have been shown as a root cause for a crime to be committed. Community disorganisation and criminal labelling are some of the major reasons for a human being to turn into a criminal. Seldom we do hear about cases where poor health and mental instability also incite the feeling to hurt a victim just to acquire wicked pleasure. At the end of day an innocent victim is always crushed under the dirty wheel  of politics axles by an oil less judiciary which delays justice. India has earned the spot in world where our country boasts about investigating a crime for years , in the meanwhile the actual criminal just starts killing people on a spree. The barbaric attitude of prejudice by labelling them as outlaws and creating a biased system will never reform a convict. This rather encourages a criminogenic environment paving at for a new culture. This culture ignites conflicts between peoples goals and means to obtain result out of them. Adding more woes, unemployment , unfounded projects, low socio economies status are more likely to cater huge number of criminals to the world.


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