understanding the behavioural patterns of crime

Every person branded as a criminal has a past which is directly or indirectly associated with some unwarranted incidents.Psycho analysis of criminal behavior says that lack of stress free environment has less role to play rather than damaged egos and immediate impulsivity, lack of empathy & inability to feel guilt .Basically every ideology followed by … More understanding the behavioural patterns of crime

we are not alone, we are just worlds apart !

Before discussing anything the most famed imaginary beings, the extraterrestrial agents, I would like to convey my own ideas and thoughts over the origin of the universe, the evolution of life and conspiracy theories around aliens. This universe had been formed due to the collision between two particles which have released enormous energy, commonly referred … More we are not alone, we are just worlds apart !


when the light had fainted, when the spirit got damped, when the energy got paralyzed, when the intensity got doused, a beacon shimmers out, breaking the shackles making a spout, the claws rip apart the darkness, whilst handling the solace over kindness, together the world had suppressed the urge to shout, so much anger never … More REVENGE


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A word bursts on the scene, fresh, faddish, perhaps consciously classical or rebellious or hip. It has its Warhol-appointed quarter-hour or its full Shakespearean hour on the stage, and then it slips back, retreats into the thin pages of the dictionary, eventually dies with a dagger through its heart and has…